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What does FoodBalance mean?

FoodBalance is my simple mantra for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I'm here to help you balance out the food in your life so you can get out there and LIVE your life. There are three fundamentals to FoodBalance: a balanced mind that focuses on self-reflection, balanced movement that makes you feel good and gets your heart-rate up, and a variety of food that provides fun, fuel, and enjoyment.

Who do you work with as a Registered Dietitian? What kinds of clients?

For my private nutrition clients, I work with individuals who are sick of dieting and want a simplified approach to living a healthier and more efficient lifestyle. My specialty is weight management (you can read about my weight loss philosophy in this post) and wellness. I also provide worksite wellness services for companies and food service organizations. Think menu planning, nutritional analysis, lunch and learn classes, biometric screenings, and fun, health-focused events for employees. For non-nutrition clients, I work with brands to create educational yet fun and 'delicious' content!

What's a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

All dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians. A Registered Dietitian, or RD/RDN, is a health professional that has extensive nutrition education and training. In order to become a dietitian, we have to go through a lot of schooling and many hours of supervised practice. Anyone else who refers to themselves as a "nutrition expert" without the credential doesn't understand the biology of the human body like a dietitian does. Read more about the process here.

What's your education and professional background?

I graduated and received a B.S in Nutrition (Dietetics) from Arizona State University (go Sun Devils!). I love ASU and had the opportunity to do my clinical supervised practice program (dietetic internship/residency) there with a focus on wellness to receive my RD/RDN which translates to, Registered Dietitian or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. They're both the same, I just chose the latter because many people I work with refer to me as the "nutritionist". Prior to becoming an RDN, I worked in a variety of roles in the areas of worksite wellness, community healthy education, to school nutrition. See more of my experience over on LinkedIn.

What kind of diet do you eat?

I don't necessarily follow a diet, but I focus on eating whole foods and making sure that veggies and plants take up a good portion of my plate. I also don't have any health conditions, but heart disease and cancer runs in both sides of my family. My balanced approach to eating took some time to understand and fully implement. It?s not like I woke up one morning and thought cake wasn't delicious. Because it is, and my favorite flavor is red velvet. It was more about choosing to approach life not for what food I could eat but for what I could do with my time. There's a lot of life out there worth living when you're not obsessing over your next meal.

What are your favorite foods?

I love all kinds of food, but my current favorites include: True Food Kitchen's Kale Salad, cucumbers, red peppers, Costco $2 hot dog specials, pineapple, truffle fries at The Henry, cucumbers, Fage 2% Greek yogurt with raspberry jam, my dad's burgers on the grill, and tomato sandwiches with extra mayo. Yes, mayo. Get on my level.

Why #healthyateverysize?

I've made it my personal and professional mission to educate others on a simpler approach to finding health and balance. I'm an advocate for health at all sizes because I often hear from clients that they were afraid "to start living a healthier life" because they didn't have abs yet. Confusing, right?! You can make changes to your life at any time regardless of your pant size! I've made it my personal and professional mission to educate others on a simpler approach to finding health and balance. We're inundated with messaging that tells us there is one, single body type to aspire to for optimal "health." In reality, that doesn't work for everybody. We all have different body structures, gut bacteria (true story!), cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles which will lead to different results for everyone. I'd rather shift the focus away from an outward appearance and to how good health makes you feel.

What do you do in your spare time?

Outside the nutrition world, I am still an avid seeker of knowledge. From other blogs to fiction and business books, I read everything! I also like to hike and be active outdoors all around my beautiful, home of Phoenix, Arizona with my husband and our dog, Odin the Labradoodle. I'm also a big comic book and pop culture nerd. You'll find plenty of references to my favorite movies, books, TV shows, and songs sprinkled throughout the blog. Also, in case you were wondering, yes I am beyond excited for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie...